The American Beauty® Pasta Story

Over a Century of Delivering Delicious Pasta.


A Beautiful Beginning

In 1916, the Kansas City Macaroni and Importing Co. merged with the Denver Macaroni Company which used the AMERICAN BEAUTY brand name. In 1947, the company changed its name to American Beauty Macaroni Co. From there, the company’s founder and part-time owner began laying the foundation for what would become one of the country’s leading pasta brands.


Perfection Through Perseverance

Throughout its formative years, the American Beauty® pasta brand and business would continue to grow, eventually achieving notable heights such as having the single-largest geographic distribution of any American pasta brand during the Great Depression.


Excellent Ingredients, Quality Taste

We make our pasta using high-quality wheat grown in the desert valleys of the Southwest and lush wheat fields of the Northern Great Plains. The unique color and hard consistency of our wheat allows us to produce and deliver Simply Perfect Pasta®.


Pasta Made With Purpose

There’s a certain beauty to living life honestly, consciously and purposefully — which is why we’re committed to doing our part in caring for our natural surroundings. Using regionally sourced water and high-efficiency equipment, our zero-waste production practices support a healthy environment.

American Beauty Pasta is part of the Winland Foods Inc. family of brands.